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Q) What does eLitmus do?

eLitmus is India’s largest assessment and recruitment company within IT industry in India for entry level hiring.

It owns India's most researched employability test - the pH test, whose score are used by companies as first level of selection criteria. eLitmus' pH test has helped companies reduce wrong hires by over 80%. Equally it has helped under employed candidates to find jobs which can fully utilise their potential. Over 150 IT firms have benefitted from eLitmus‘services.

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Q) What is pH test?

pH test is India’s most researched employability test. The test has been designed to measure the natural ability of test takers rather than their ability to learn by rote. It attacks the popular belief of a "good" candidate as it enables companies to hire the "right" candidates.

For example on a cricketing scale Sachin Tendulkar might score more than Mahendra Singh Dhoni , but that scale is of no use if a team was looking at hiring a wicket keeper. eLitmus pH Test assesses a candidate on multiple parameters and uses only the ones which are required for a job. So a low scorer in test who scored well on skills required for the job might be chosen over a overall high scorer who did not perform well on skills required for job.

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Q) Why take pH test?

First, you get to know where you stand in competition viz a viz other students from across India.

Next, there are over 2000 Engineering institutes in our country. In contrast a niche company can visit 5-25 colleges. eLitmus provides one virtual platform coupled with probably the best assessment ("pH Test") to companies there by giving a chance to students from colleges not visited by the company .

Q) I was told that only companies in the IT domain hire through eLitmus.

Majority of the companies which hire through elitmus are from the IT domain. But now we are foraying in a big way into fresher recruitment for Infra, Construction, Mechanical and SME segments also. Hence students from the Civil, Mechanical, Industrial production kind of background can rejoice.

Q) Can I have a sample list of companies which hired 2010 batch?
Some of the major IT recruiters who hired form 2010 batch are

Accenture (3 lakhs), Barracuda (5.1 lakhs), Barclays (6.08 lakhs), Citi Data Management (7.5lakhs), Encora (6-7.5 lakhs), Fidelity (3.47 lakh), ITC Infotech (2.4 lakhs), McAfee (5 lakhs), National Instruments (7.5 lakhs), Samsung R&D division (4.8 -5.7 lakhs), Tally (5 lakhs), Wipro (7 lakhs-leading colleges), Yodlee (3.5 lakhs)

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