Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wipro Interview Questions for freshers 2011-2012

1. Differentiate between Spiral and Incremental model?
2. Why do we use pointers in C at all?
3. You know about structures and union. Why is Union used? Give a real life example in which you’ll use union?
4. What is SSL?
5. What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
6. Explain two of your projects (one should be FYP).
7. What are the different models of SDLC?
8. What are function pointers? Give the syntax for the same.
9. What is the disadvantage of Incremental model? Give an example to explain.
10. What do you mean by the Design phase? What are the tools that can be used in this phase?
11 Coming to C, what is hashing? Why do we use hashing and not arrays? How do we implement a Hash table?
12.Give the difference between C and ANSI C?
13. Why should programmers use object oriented programming?
14. Give difference between compile time error and run time error?
15. Why Java is used extensively in today`s applications what makes it different from other languages?
16. Describe about applet lifecycle?
17. For what purposes programmers use Encapsulation? State some uses of it?
18. How do you design the project layout or the outline or structure of a program?
19. Explain some of the concepts of Java design patterns?
20. Why should a programmer use C instead of C++?
21. State some uses of RDBMS?
22. Mention the different stages of software design?
23. What are the different protocols present while transferring data from one web browser to another browser?
24. Mode of operation of stack ______ A. LIFO B. FIFO C. FCFS D. none of these
25. What is ROM?
26.What is the major expressions used with find command to select file which has been accessed more than 375 days ago?
27What are the desirable attributes for memory managment?
28.What is the name given to the process of initializing a micro computer with its OS?
29.What action does a typical user defined signal handler functions perform?
30Which constructor is invalid for class cat?
31.How will you remove a file with the name ‘-somethink’?
32.What is the output of the following code – What is the output of the following code int i=7;printf(“%d”, i++ * i++);
33.What is the difference between Switch and Hub ?
34.Explain applet life cycle?
35.What is the difference between C and ANSI C?
36.What is RSTP & MSTP?
37.Which polarity will you prefer for SMAW & why?
38.Why java does not support multiple inheritence?2.what is the difference b/w structures and classes?
39.What is the part of compiler that keeps track of names and their attributes? A) Compile Table B)Symbol
40.Which constructor is invalid for class cat?A) void cat :: cat() { feet=4;} B) cat::cat(int f){feet=f;}C)
41.Which of the following operators cannot be overloaded in C++? A) ?: B)[] C) –
42.Add 79H and 86H and tell the contents of flag
43.Is QTP Supports Sunsolaries and Sybase?
44.What is the output of the program? int n=f,m; n==m++; m==++n; printf(n, m);
45.What is the method of connecting two physically separate LAN by using internet
46.Which is layer 3 connection less protocol? A. IP B. ARP C. TCP D. UDP
47.What is the output? int i=7 printf(“%dn”,i++*i++);
48.What does USB stands for?
49.What does ISDN stand for?
50.In windows file menu can be invoked by? Alt+F keys What are the three components of OS?
51.What is boot PROM?
52.Which is the Database used in IBM mainframes?

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